A poor fisherman found this treasure in the ocean. He kept it under his bed for 10 years, until one day, he found out how much it’s worth

Palawan, a small island in the Philippines boasts a wealth of marine life. About 45% of fish supply in Manila (the region’s capital) comes from this area. The waters surrounding the island are also rich in something else. They’re known for the presence of large amounts of oysters which hold pearls inside their shells.

Recently, a Filipino fisherman brought a huge clam to the city. As you can guess, there was a pearl inside of it. It was quickly estimated to be the biggest pearl found to this day. It measured 2 feet wide and 1 foot long. It weighed 75 lbs.


Size wise, it has greatly exceeded the record-holding pearl in the Guinness Book of World Records – the Pearl of Allah (which had been found in the same region). No wonder some call this small country the Pearl of the Orient.

The previous record holder, the Pearl of Allah, was fished out in 1934.


It turned out that the man had found the treasure more than 10 years ago.
During a storm, it had caught onto his boat’s anchor. The fisherman believed in superstitions and kept it under his bed in the hope that it would bring him success.

The current record holder, weighing in at 75 lbs.

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