A pregnant woman sat comfortably on a coach… When her dog ran up to her, something magical happened

When a new family member arrives, it’s a big event for both Mommy and Daddy, as well as for our four-legged friends living with us. Future parents are frequently afraid that their pet won’t be ready for the new person’s reception.

They are afraid of its reaction and any unpredictable behavior. A new smell, new sounds, and if that wasn’t enough, the new child will get all of the attention that has been, up to now, given to the animal, which might have a negative effect on our canine friend.


It’s important for the dog not to feel rejected and left on his own. Even when already pregnant, you can gradually prepare a pet to the new situation by giving him unknown, until now, scents and playing a recording of the baby’s cries. In extreme cases, some couples decide to get rid of their pet, but have they done rightly so? It happens to be that some dogs are very smart and yearn for the cute little baby just as much as Mommy and Daddy. See how they behave around pregnant women. Incredible…


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