A profound sight… A dog can’t walk away from its dead puppies

When a 58-year-old councilor, Paul Skinner, went for a ride with his friend, he did not expect that he will take a photograph that will move the entire Internet. Next to the road near Midville he stumbled upon a spaniel dog. She was laying curled up, licking a bag that was right next to her.

He got closer and saw a scene that he would remember for a long time. The dog was cuddling to a bag with four dead puppies inside. Paul alerted veterinary services, which quickly arrived on the spot. Unfortunately, despite resuscitation, they failed to rescue the puppies. It was found that the puppies were born alive on the same day in the early morning. It’s not known why they died and who put them in the plastic bag. The case is being investigated by the police. For now they established that the dog’s name is Carly and that she’s three years old.

This is a very sad event. It seems that the dog was thrown out of the house, along with the puppies. We don’t know whether they died of natural causes, from the cold, or If they were simply killed – said the inspector Becky Harper.