A psychologist talked to the husband of a woman. What the specialist said about his wife opened his eyes to an important issue

One day a young man reported to a psychologist. He claimed that he had a lot of problems, was tired of life, and had trouble at home. The psychologist conducted a conversation with him, which certainly gave him food for thought. See how it went:

– What do you normally do every day?
– I am an analyst at a bank.
– And your wife, where does she work?
– She does not work. She just stays at home – the young man replied.


The psychologist thought for a moment and asked:

– Who prepares breakfast for you and your children?
– Well, my wife because, as I said already, she doesn’t work anywhere.
– And at what time does she get up?
– Earlier than me because she gets everything ready. She makes us food and helps the children dress. Later, she breastfeeds the youngest child and changes it.


– Who takes the kids to school?
– The wife, but it’s normal because she does not go to work.

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