A purple butterfly appeared in this child’s incubator. Although it’s very beautiful, it brings painful information…

A couple from the UK – Millie Smith and Lewis Cann were ecstatic when the doctor told them that they would be parents of twins. Their luck didn’tlast long, however. The specialist said that the brain of one of the girls hadn’t developed properly and it’s no longer possible to rescue her.

It was very difficult when we learned that only one child will survive. We were brokenhearted – said the children’s mother.


Little Skye lived for only three hours. She died in the arms of her desperate parents. The second twin was healthy and her life is not threatened. The girl was named Callie.

Hospital staff brought the collapsed mother to a waiting room. The mother of the twins was currently sleeping next to her. The woman said something which made Millie feel even sadder.

You can be glad that you only have one child to feed.


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