A quick intelligence test. Try to connect all the dots with only 4 lines

Apparently mental exercises are just as important as the physical ones, so it’s worth the time to train and force the brain to increase its activity. Today we present a very short test, which allows you to evaluate your smarts and whether your mind is working as it should. Sit back, relax and start the fun!

At first glance, the task seems easy enough, but when we begin to solve them, it turns out that it’s not as easy as it might seem. The rules of the game are very simple! The idea is to connect nine points arranged in a square with four solid lines. It’s important not to pick your hand up off the paper!


As a hint, we’re letting you know that the task has four answers (depending on the circles we draw the first straight line through). Remember that not a single dot can be ignored!

The answer can be found on the next page.