A relationship is not only about falling in love in a young age. This couple has proven for 63 year that you can be happy together every day!

Such stories always give us a warm feeling. What else in our fast world can be more adorable and beautiful than the awareness that there are couple that can match with each other and lead a happy life. This surely isn’t easy but it’s worth putting some effort in and gaining a wonderful life. Wanda and Joe have been married for 63 years!

Joe met Wanda on the street and couldn’t resist her charm so he invited her on a date. As it proved to be – quite a successful one!


The couple met on the 28th of December 1950, two years later they got married. To celebrate their anniversary, their granddaughter prepared a beautiful photo session for them.

‘I knew that I wanted to create something unique and celebrate real love. I want to travel the world and prove that real love does exist.’


The author of the pictures states that the most important thing is the love and heart we offer to others.