A rescued cat with a broken jaw has undergone an amazing transformation!

Animals do not have an easy life, especially those abandoned by their owners, homeless, must take care of their fate by themselves. Sometimes they manage to find a new home, sometimes they live their life on the streets. There is no denying that it is the fault of people who buy and breed animals, and when they need more attention than throwing toys, dispose of them on the street or in the woods.

A year ago, a cat named Miracle went to the animal hospital with a broken jaw. It was evident by all the injuries on her small body, that she had been hit by a car. Her condition was serious, but doctors decided to make every effort to save her.


It was necessary first of all to take care of her jaw so she could eat normally. It was not easy. A month after surgery Miracle was being fed with a tube and taking a lot of drugs. She was very thin, but she had a fighting spirit and wanted to survive. Take a look at the next page, and see how much has changed!