A rescued puppy found a friend in a shelter. Who? See for yourself and meet a couple of the sweetest guys in the world!

Running a kennel requires passion and love for animals from the owner. Unfortunately, every day thousands of people irresponsibly breed dogs, leading illegal kennels, orientated only for profits.

Selling puppies for many may seem like a quick and easy opportunity to earn money, but breeding dogs is a very responsible job that requires time and dedication from someone. Unfortunately, the profit potential make people blind so much that they treat animals as things, pregnant dogs as machines to make money, and the puppies as a product that need to be sold quickly. Very often in such pseudo-kennel’s they don’t care about proper sanitation and the diet of animals. Therefore, a part of the tasks of services dealing with animal rescue, is also discovering illegal kennels and helping the dogs and cats contained in them.


Not only is animal cruelty a big problem, but so is the operation of illegal kennels.

From one of these illegal farms, a tiny dog of the Shih Tzu breed was brought to the shelter. The puppy was rescued from appalling conditions, because it lived in a very confined space, among other quadrupeds. The rescued pup got the name Ruggles. When it was in the shelter it quickly felt lonely, and found a new friend, who also was recently rescued. Nothing special would have happened if not for the fact that Ruggles decided to make a friendship… with a cat!

The puppy and kitten quickly found a common language.

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