A rich father shown his son how poor people live. What the boy said at the end totally shocked the father!

A rich man decided to take his son on a trip. He wanted the trip to teach him a lesson. He took him to a house where extremely poor people lived. He hoped that when the boy sees the terrible conditions in that home, then he’ll change his attitude towards life. That he’ll be motivated to do something and work hard. The son took the lesson in an entirely different way, which really shocked the father.

Dan Asmussen posted this moving story on his Facebook profile! Find out, what he wrote.

A very rich dad took his son to a poverty stricken place. He wanted to show him what it’s like living without money. The child stayed their for a few days.

After returning, he asked if he liked the trip and if he saw how poor people live. The son replied: Yes Dad, I did see.”

“What did you learnt there?” the man asked on.

“I noticed that we only have one dog and they have four. We have a pool that reaches only half of our yard, but poor people live by a stream that never ends.”