A Room Full Of Balloons. It Was A Life Lesson For These People!

„What you give, always comes back”. We say that (and hope that it is true). After reading this text, you will give your loved ones everything you can. Because that is what satisfies other people.

We all want to get a second chance, like the Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol”.


A group of 50 people participated in a seminar. Suddenly, the speaker stopped his utterance and gave a balloon to each participant. He asked for writing their names on it, blow up, and throw to the other room. Then, they had 5 minutes to find the balloon with their own name.

Everyone was looking for his/her balloon chaotically. And after 5 minutes no one was able to find the right balloon. The lecturer advised to pick up the nearest balloon and pass to its owner. After a minute, everyone had his/her own balloon. The lecturer sais that this situation resembles their life. Every of us is looking for happiness far and do not know where it actually is. And the truth is so easy!

Our happiness is where others’ happiness. Give your loved ones joy and happiness, and these values will come back to you. This is how the good, humanitarian life looks like.