A seemingly gentle Golden Retriever attacked a little girl. Who came to her rescue? A Pitt Bull!

People think that certain breeds of dogs are harmless and do not need to be trained. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Every dog, even one belonging to a gentle race, if not well-behaved, is capable of an attack. The myths differentiating dangerous dogs from family dogs are mindlessly repeated and can lead to tragedy.

Golden Retrievers and Labradors are considered to be excellent family dogs for children. Many behaviorists do not agree with this opinion and reiterate it, saying that these dogs can be dangerous. Unfortunately, a certain little girl had to experience that too.


The 5-year-old Reymayah Hernandez was playing with a friend in front of her house. The children rode their bikes. Suddenly, a neighbors’ Golden Retriever attacked her! He threw himself on her face! The little girl screamed, and to her rescue ran a Pit Bull. The dog who heard that the little one is in danger jumped over the fence and defended the girl. The Golden Retriever continued his attack, but Tigger (the Pit Bull) did not give up and defended the girl despite severe bites he endured.