A small Irish restaurant can brag about a very unusual client, which is a certain sea creature

Good food will always attract customers to a restaurant, so it’s important to have an interesting menu and talented chef. To succeed in the catering business, it’s best to charm visitors enough to make them come back, creating a permanent clientele which will revisit the restaurant.

In the eastern part of Ireland is located the city of Wicklow, where a cozy restaurant is run called “The Lighthouse.” It doesn’t really stand out until the right time comes and the most awaited guest arrives, that is, Sammy. His presence interests many, thus making the restaurant more popular. Why? Because Sammy is a seal!


Sammy is a very loyal customer of the restaurant and has been coming every day since 2012. The seal stops by to get something to eat three times a day and always at the same times; about nine in the morning and then at one and four in the afternoon. The animal simply jumps onto the shore and waddles across the street to eat.

Seals are very charming sea creatures that like people.
seal Sammy (5)

Initially, the owners were embarrassed by the animal’s presence, but the seal turned out to be very polite and peaceful, so they decided to get to know it better and feed it whenever possible. Sammy quickly got used to the human care, and now comes to the tavern on a daily basis and eats about 7 lbs. of delicacies from the sea, which is about 1/3 of the animal’s food intake.

The restaurant and seafood store adjacent to it have gained popularity thanks to the seal.
seal Sammy (1)