A Small Pig Won The Battle With A Deadly Disease. However, The Problems Did Not End At This Point…

Bentley, the pig did not have an easy life. At the age of nine months she was diagnosed with a rare bacterial meningitis – a disease that afflicts only 10% of patients.

Bentley was one of the lucky ones who managed to survive a devastating illness. Unfortunately, his tragedy didn’t end.


After-effect complications made that the pig completely lost her sight. A complicated operation was necessary. During the preparations for the surgery, the poor pig was worried by hospital noises. Terrified Bentley was hard to calm down.

Fortunately, there was its owner Corrine DiLorenzo nearby – she is a volunteer at the „EARTH Animal Sanctuary”. See how she managed to calm down her lovely pig.

Thanks to the generosity of donors Corrine managed to collect more than $ 22,000. This sum was enough to pay for the costs of the operation, hospitalization and recovery of the pig. Since that time, her health remains relatively at good condition. Let’s hope that now Bentley’s life will be a little bit easier.

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