A small Rottweiler challenged its mother to a tug-o-war. It turned out incredibly funny :)

Rottweiler’s don’t have the best reputation among laypeople. Many people think that they are dangerous and unpredictable dogs, capable of showing the dark side anytime.

This stereotype is especially unfair. In reality, these dogs are exceptionally loyal, caring and ready to play. This Dam shows precisely this very well.



Where do the negative opinions about Rottweilers come from? It may be because of some of the dog’s characteristic personality. It is a very stubborn race that insists on getting its way. They take care of their family’s safety very much, especially the youngest family members. Sometimes this leads the dogs to use similar strategy’s towards children that Shepard dogs use towards stubborn sheep. This strategy unfortunately involves using teeth.

These dogs are not killing machines after all. They have their tender side, which they’re not ashamed to show. Need proof? All you need to do is peek at a Dam playing with her puppy. By the way, she also shows off this breeds characteristic doggedness.

Are you curious? All you have to do is check out the video below:

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