A stray dog dying of hunger on the street. Fortunately, people with a good heart rushed to its aid

India is a large and highly populated country, whose residents often face poverty. In this situation the needs of animals descend to a lower priority, which often makes them go onto the streets where they live for years. To a group of stray dogs in India, joined a half-breed greyhound, which was saved at the last moment.

The work of officers and volunteers from organizations dealing with the protection and rescue of animals in India is extremely necessary and never ends, because there will always be an animal who needs human assistance. During one of the held campaigns, workers of Animal Aid Unlimited, an organization that works in Udaipur, Rajasthan, found the dog which was starved. The animal was in terrible condition, but it was decided not to put it to sleep and try to save it.

The condition the dog was found in is downright agonizing


The dog was a mongrel greyhound and was named Perry. The god has lived on the street for a long time, where he developed a number of diseases and notoriously ate. The quadruped was like a living skeleton, and consuming even more weakened the body. Perry was so exhausted that they initially it could not eat alone, so it was hydrated and fed intravenously. Worried veterinarians provided medical care, and the pet was allowed time to recover.

The healing process was intense and required time


Finally, we managed to save the dog. After a few weeks, Perry could not remember any more the terrifying creatures that lurked the streets of Udaipuru. It is not without significance, the healing process was aided by the love and care that the dog got altogether. Perry turned out to be a poor darling who loves the company of other animals and humans. It will surely be a great joy for the family that decides to take him.

The metamorphosis Perry underwent seems unbelievable


If it was not for the help of people from Animal Aid Unlimited, Perry would have soon died