A stray dog survived a dangerous accident that changed its fate. See what happened to this crossbreed

The life of a stray dog is a constant struggle for survival. A friendly mongrel had such a cruel fate, who wandered in the wilderness of Wisconsin in winter. Unfortunately, one day the dog carelessly stepped on ice, which broke underneath it.

The early history of the dog is unknown. We don’t know where he came from, or how he wandered over Lake Michigan. But as bad luck would have it, the quadruped was in the wrong place at the wrong time, because when walking on a frozen lake, the ice broke under him. The animal fell into the icy water and couldn’t get itself to land. Fortunately, someone noticed the ensuing drama playing out and notified relevant services.

The dog without any human help would have no chance of getting itself to the shore.


The police’s response was very fast. After a moment, officers came to the lake and helped the dog get to shore. The animal was very weak and had signs of hypothermia. So, without a moment’s delay, he was taken to a center, the Wisconsin Humane Society, where a vet was waiting to see it. Thanks to his efforts, they were able to save the dog, which was given the name Michigan. When the dog felt better, they started looking for its owners.

Michigan patiently waited for someone to pick him up.


Days passed, and the quadrupeds owners didn’t call in for their pet. Such a situation could only mean one thing: Michigan has been abandoned, and now needs to find a new home with people who will love him. The dog probably already exhausted the number of misfortunes in its life, since it didn’t have to wait long for someone who would be willing to create a happy home for the dog.

The dog’s finally caught a break: someone wanted to adopt him.