A teacher beat the hands of a student for being late to school. Despite this, the boy didn’t want to reveal the sad truth about his life

Teachers are supposed to be a student’s second parents. In addition to teaching reading, writing and problem solving, they also help shape children’s characters. They instill qualities such as obedience, respect and honesty – values that will one day help them succeed and become better people.

These are the reasons why they sometimes reprimand students when they’re not behaving properly. The teacher in the recording below has quite unconventional methods of educating students. He harshly punishes students when they come late to class. One boy comes late almost every day, and he inflicts pain on him by beating him with a ruler.


One day, the teacher sees a rebellious student riding a bicycle. He decided to ask him where he was going. That’s when he discovered the sad truth about his life. The kid delivers newspapers every morning, and when he finishes, he goes to school. That was the reason why he often came late.

The next day the student enters the classroom and pulls his hands out, waiting for a blow to come, but the teacher did something really unexpected. What did he do? Watch the video to learn more! You could really be moved…