A teenager found a pregnancy test in a bathroom and decided to use it on himself as a joke. The result totally shocked him!

An eighteen-year-old noticed that his girlfriend kept a pregnancy test in the bathroom. Without thinking, he decided to test himself. To his surprise, the indicator showed two red lines.

He bragged about his “blessed condition,” on Reddit. There was plenty of laughter and sarcasm, but there were also comments about a serious disease that could be threatening him.


It turned out that the internet users were correct. The boy became ill with one of the most dangerous varieties of testicular cancer – cellular cancer. During his treatment, he asked all men to conduct regular check-ups and go to specialists, because that’s what can save lives.

A pregnancy test is a home-method for the detection of testicular cancer. Cancer diagnosed at an early stage ensures a higher chance of saving one’s health.

Pregnancy and cancer are both characterized by a raised level of the hCG hormone. In men, spermatocytes begin dividing abnormally and producing hormones similar to the placenta of a pregnant woman.

Nowadays, physicians often offer to conduct a test if they suspect the presence of this disease.