A UPS delivery man sees another driver throw something out of his car. When he pulled up closer, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

Jason Harcrow, who works for UPS in California, recently witnessed a horrible event. While driving his car he saw that the driver in front of him stopped and opened the door. After a moment, he saw him throw a little helpless puppy right onto a busy street!

He thought that the animal was dead, but pulled up closer to make sure that it was indeed the case. It turned out to be a very much alive dog that someone had wanted to get rid of!


Unfortunately, the man responsible for abandoning the pet managed to escape. The delivery man wasn’t able to write down his license plate number, but was satisfied that he managed to save the innocent being’s life.


The man took the puppy to the police station, where animal services took over. The dog is currently in an animal shelter in Modesto, California and is awaiting adoption.


We are extremely proud of him. He’s a very good person – said the delivery man’s superior, Jessica Lafferty.

The rescued dog would surely agree with such an opinion!


How can one abandon such a cute animal?