A white American woman gave birth to black triplets! How is that possible?

A certain couple caused quite some chaos in the United States when they started their family in quite a unique way : not only through the adoption of children but also by adopting living embryos.

Aaron and Rachel Halbert were a happily married couple. After a successful engagement they got married. Their dream was to have children which would fill their home with happiness and laughter. Unfortunately, for medical reasons, this was impossible. It was then that the couple decided to build their family in another way.


Aaron and Rachel were always open to other people, cultures or differences. When they found out adoption was the only way they could have children, they decided to take care of a black child, because those have the smallest chance of finding a family which will give them everything they need.

These two were bonded with big love and understanding.
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That’s how the Halbert family was joined by two black children : a boy and a girl. The couple achieved their happiness but when they heard about the National Embryo Donation Center, they felt they wanted to make their family even bigger. The Center holds embryos which are not wanted or would be destroyed. They are kept for couples which can’t have children but want to take part in the in vitro process.

The Halbert’s are wonderful parents for the two adopted kids.

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