A widow waved to students every day from her window. One day something unexpected happened…

Tinney Davidson and her husband had a daily ritual. Each morning and late afternoon, they sat by the window and waved to the students who were going to and coming back from school. At the beginning, the kids considered it quite suspicious, because after all, it rarely happens that people behave this way.

Later, the students became accustomed to the pleasant greetings and farewells, and even claimed that thanks to them, their day was better.

A widow waved to students every day from her window. One day something unexpected happened... 2

Tinney’s husband started the unusual practice a few years ago. After his death, the woman decided to continue their tradition. Every day, she sat next to the window and smiling, she happily waved to the children. Likewise, the students wanted to show their gratitude back to her.

After 8 years, the students decided to somehow repay the nice elderly lady. On Valentine’s Day, they invited her to their school and prepared a little surprise. The woman had completely no idea what to expect during her visit. When she entered the school gym, everyone started to applaud.

The young people were putting together a short video for her, which explained how much this small gesture means to them. In addition, they wrote many warm Valentine’s Day wishes on small pink hearts and gave them to Tinney.


The elderly woman didn’t think that the young people would appreciate what she does and prepare such a meeting for her. She was extremely happy and her smile was worth more than a thousand words.

Take a look at how it all turned out.

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