A wife was angry at her husband for not helping her at home, but when she saw his shoes…

It’s easy to weigh somebody up just by looking from your own perspective. It’s always easy to asses and say that you would have done something better. That’s why the saying that it’s worth stepping into others shoes before we judge is so true.

Deire Sanford is a mother of two children and a wife of a solider from South Carolina. As most wives she isn’t happy with her husband coming back home from work, throwing his things off and laying on the sofa. But before Deire judged her husband she looked at his shoes and that made her think twice before she said anything. She shared her observation with other women.


‘Dear Ladies, I often hear how you complain that you husbands don’t help out at home after coming back from work. That they don’t want to go out and won’t even tidy up after themselves. They come back from work and complain about how tired they are and that they’re going to rest on the couch. They turn on the TV or play some kind of game till the evening. I know that many of us have the same situation. I am one of those women. I was angry that my husband would just come home and rest. I once picked up his shoes left in the corridor and had a closer look at them. He only bought them 5 months ago. It was then, that I realized how terrible I was, when I shouted at him for not helping me. He only wears these shoes to work. They’re a heavy and strong pair but still have holes in their sole. How much walking did he have to do, for his new shoes to get destroyed so much.

It is now, that I have realized that after a hard day’s work he only wanted to rest and play on the console with the kids. I am writing this to wake your awareness of the effort our husbands put in. I know they can make a mess and sometimes have absurd behaviour, but they do so much for us. They support us and protect us. They don’t always show how grateful they are for a clean house, fresh meal or for taking care of the children. Although he doesn’t talk about it often, I know that my husband appreciates having breakfast ready for work and a ironed uniform, thanks to which he can sleep a bit longer. Our husbands are the soil on which we form our family. Don’t forget about that and the next time your husband returns home tired just let him rest and trying filling his shoes.’