A woman gave her husband burnt toast. His reaction totally shocked their child!

This short life story has been circulating around the Web for a long time and teaches a very valuable lesson. If you have not read it yet, then it’s time to catch up. The message it delivers is one of the key rules necessary to create a lasting and happy relationship that connects two people.

After a day of hard work my mother made dad dinner. She put before him a little jam and completely burnt toast. I immediately noticed it, but my dad behaved as if he had not noticed.


He began to eat them, and after a while he asked me how was school. I do not remember what he said, but my mother’s words got stuck in my head, apologizing for the burnt toast. Dad said with a smile, “Honey, but I love your burnt toast!”


Before going to bed I decided to go into the bedroom to kiss him. I then asked whether he actually likes to eat burnt toast. He hugged me and said:

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