A woman gave the homeless food, she didn’t know that this would make her famous all over the world!

Helping the weak is what most of us have in our blood. Many of us can give a helping hand to the needy, expecting nothing in return. This attitude is wonderful. Yet, even though we rarely hesitate to help others in charitable campaigns, we still ignore the homeless living in the streets. We don’t want them to bother us or have them pay us any attention.

But not everyone is like that. Karine Gembaue proved this, who was on a trip in New York, share her food with a homeless person.

The whole incedent quickly spread all over the world, because the woman helped… Richard Gere, who was shooting a scene in his newest movie.

The American movie star, who has millions in his account, was playing a homeless person, who was trying to reestablish a lost connection with his daughter. The actor himself notices that people usually don’t pay attention to the homeless, they steer clear of them.