A woman in the streets of Los Angeles pulled a cat by a string! The injured animal was saved by passers by, and his aggressive owner fled and is on the run

Animals have the same ability to feel pain as people do.

People should respect animals because they are living creatures that in many ways are similar to humans, and their contribution to the development of the world is invaluable. Unfortunately, some people have a very negative attitude towards animals, they treat them like objects and forget that they feel.

It is difficult to explain where animal cruelty comes from. Maybe it comes from the need to demonstrate strength to someone who is weaker? Or is it related to the desire to unleash aggression or is it a sign of a lack of sensitivity? Or maybe the fault lies on the side of miseducating children about the proper treatment of animals? It seems that the backdrop of cruelty is a mixture of these and many other factors.

An example of the total numbness for the suffering of an animal is a situation that took place in the streets of one of America’s largest cities, Los Angeles. City cameras recorded a woman tormenting her cat, which almost led to his death.

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