A woman ran out of money in the store… She totally didn’t expect what happened a moment later

The German book writer, Dirk-Oliver Lange went to the store to do some quick shopping. He was encountered with a situation that he decided to write about on Facebook. Look what happened to him!

“I went to the store to buy some coffee. An elderly woman stood in front of me. She was modestly dressed, but very neat. It could be seen on her face that life has given her a hard time, and her shopping testified that she’s all alone. The basket had bread, meat, milk and chocolate. The cashier scanned the products and said:

That’s 2.18 euro ($2.37)

The old lady didn’t pull out her wallet, she reached into his pocket for a handful of coins, which she began to count. Everyone was profoundly annoyed. The cashier and person in front of me, who saw what was happening, rolled their eyes with indignation.