A woman took a seal away from the beach in a plastic bag, and because of it the tiny creature died! This type of stupidity is more and more common!

Each one of us acts foolishly at times. The effects of such actions can be various, sometimes it’s shameful and embarrassing, but sometimes the consequences can be very serious. You have to remember that even the best intentions will not be understood if someone will end up suffering. And unfortunately, animals are the victims of human actions. 

The situation is so serious that scientists are urging people to be mindful of animals and to simply leave them alone. Wild animals are not defenseless and alone, especially the young. An older individual is always keeping watch, while a person can only cause harm.


This was exactly the case of a small seal. When a woman saw her on the beach, she decided to help. She took her home in a plastic bag! It was only at home that she realized that she has no idea about taking care of seals and when she came to the seal nursery, it was too late as the baby seal had died from stress.



Scientists urge people to leave the animals alone, not to help them using force, because it ends with them dying. Wild animals can take care of themselves and in most cases humans are the stress factor that could cause them harm. So remember, if you see a wild animal which needs help in your opinion, call the appropriate organization which will provide professional help.