A woman was standing in line at the store. If it weren’t for a quick response, she would’ve lost her child! Look carefully at the video recording!

The greatest fear of every mother is losing her child. That’s why, every so often, you hear that a child can’t go so high up, can’t jump around and should keep away from the water. A mother, who came into a store and nearly lost her child, experienced a true moment of terror!

In Victorville, California a mother with her two children went to the store. She was holding the smaller one on her hands, and the older daughter stopped at a candy machine, near the entrance.


A day like any other, mothers in addition to taking care of their children, have to take care of the house. Therefore, it’s nothing strange that children accompany their mothers while they’re performing various tasks. Every mother always keeps a watchful eye on her child, but is that enough? This video shows that not only should your child always be in your sight, but should hold your hand!

The nightmare and trauma that this woman experienced luckily has a positive outcome. Thanks to the quick reactions of her and another customer, the woman snatched her child from the hands of a kidnapper. What the camera caught is moving! It all lasted a mere second and the whole family’s life could’ve turned out very differently.