A woman was watching videos from Thailand and made quite a discovery! When she looked at her hand, she knew what happened

Foreign trips are very exciting. Especially when you visit a country with a completely different culture and customs. At the beginning, it is hard to get used to them, but as time passed, they seem less strange and the tourist starts to get accustomed to them.

In some places, tourists have to be very vigilant because they can meet with quite unpleasant surprises. This case of an Asutralian tourist is the best evidence.


This woman went to Thailand with her partner. One day, they decided to visit the beautiful temple of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep near the city of Chiang Mai. Before entering the building, they met two lovely Thai girls. They were dressed in costumes and encouraged them to take a joint photograph. The tourist decided to take the opportunity to take a souvenir shot with them.


When she returned home and began to view the photos, she saw something which stunned her completely. She could not understand how it happened that she did not see this before!

Look what one of the small Thai girls was doing!

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