A woman with three children was held hostage by a man, and avoided tragedy by keeping a cool head!

Sometimes it occurs that a close person turns out to be an executioner, especially when drugs and addiction take the lead in a relationship. Alas, Cheryl Treadway, who was in a very unfortunate situation when she became the hostage of her drug-addicted boyfriend. The situation was worsened by the fact that, along with a psychopath threatening the woman with a knife, her children were inside the house.

The woman’s boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, held her in the house all day long, threatening to kill her with a knife. The woman remained calm, not panicking, just trying to figure out what she can do.


The woman asked her boyfriend if she could use the phone. He didn’t want to agree, so she came up with a trick. She asked him for the phone to order a pizza through an app. The man agreed. The woman used the opportunity, having the phone in her hands, without hesitation. She didn’t however call the police because she was afraid that he would get upset and hurt her. Having quickly completed an order through the Pizza Hut app, she waited for help.