A wonderful dog calms her owner when she was stressing about a wedding!

Some moments happen in a person’s life that strain ones nerves to the limit. In the case of women, for example, it’s their wedding day. Of course, they want to be the most beautiful and best-remembered, but what if something goes wrong? The catering couldn’t come, a heel could break. Visitors could get lost along the way? Most of these fears are irrational, but women are already like that :D.

Bella, a guide dog, stole the whole show, when it supported its distressed lady during the wedding of Valerie and Andrew Pattot. It didn’t miss this mindful photographer who immortalized these extraordinary moments. Bella calmed the woman and behaved in such a way that she forgot about her anxiety.

Bella felt Valerie’s anxiety, who suffers from a variety of fears and phobias, and decided to help her. This is an important characteristic trait of Golden Retrievers. They’re dogs that are very sensitive to their owners and can fully recognize their emotional state.

This isn’t the first time that Bella lent a helping paw to its owner – she really supports her, when she has panic attacks, anxiety and migraines.

The second dog of the two- Henry was also present at the ceremony.