A young boy gave his address, using a radio, to a man he didn’t know. The ending of this story will surprise not only you

Children should not talk to strangers, much less provide them with information about their family life. Such careless behavior can end in tragedy, that’s why parents teach their children to keep a distance from strangers. An American boy didn’t follow his mother’s precaution and handed over their information through a radio.

Thousands of trucks drive on US roads every single day. Their drivers create a distinctive group of professionals, whose primary communication tool is a CB radio. That is the exact device used by the boy to talk to someone who was driving a machine weighing more than a few tons. The story of this conversation moved thousands of internet users, because the driver was a sensitive person who fulfilled the boy’s biggest dream.


The driver of a truck sped through the southern states of the USA, wanting to make it in time for a break before sundown, when suddenly he heard a child’s voice through the radio. The boy shyly asked if anyone could hear him and wanted to talk to him. He introduced himself as Little Bear. The surprised man answered the call, and the boy opened up before him and told him his story.

The young boy’s voice on the radio was a big surprise for the truck driver.


Little Bear did not have an easy life, being affected by a disease, he is confined to a wheelchair. Because of this, he has limited access to the outside world and feels very lonely. Unfortunately, another tragedy struck him recently, because a month ago his father died in a car accident. He was a truck driver and on his return trip, he lost control due to bad weather. The boy really misses him and his mother can’t always be with him, since she has to work to provide for them.

The disabled boy used the CB radio because he was lonely. Will the driver help him regain his joy? Read the next page.

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