A young couple was fighting for the life of their beloved dog for months. You have to find out the way this extraordinary story ended!

Dog owners often treat their quadrupeds not like animals, but like family members. This is the result of great love and affection for pets, which in their opinion, deserve the same treatment as people. A dog, Athena, was taken in by such people who saved its life.

The happy and in love with each other owners of Athena, going on their honeymoon didn’t expect that they would find their dog sick after returning, since the dog suffered paralysis of its four limbs. The dog was immediately taken to the vet, who gave a terrible diagnosis: the neurological disease, Wobbler Syndrome. Sadly, the diagnosed disease is very difficult to treat, so the chances of Athena to normally walk on its own were very slim.

The paralyzed dog unescapably needs help from people.


The owners could not imagine that they could put the dog to sleep, which is why they took up the difficult fight for its health. The vet warned them that if the dog doesn’t begin to walk within three weeks then its chances of recovery are small. This, however, didn’t discourage them and in the subsequent months they have been only taking care of and rehabilitating Athena.

The owners devoted much of their daily time to care for the sick Athena.


The dog could not eat by itself, which is why they blitzed all of its meals and fed it with a spoon. Taking it out for a walk was solved using diapers. In addition to loving care, the owners also took care of the pet’s rehabilitation. They massaged Athena paws daily in order to stimulate the nerves. Unfortunately, after four months of trying, the dog still didn’t start to walk, but no one thought about giving up. Then everyone’s patience was rewarded and a small miracle happened…

Contrary to the pessimistic predictions, the dog eventually regained strength.