A young mother was watching a girl in a green bikini on the beach. She noticed something that the young woman was trying to hide. She wrote her a letter which everyone should read

A woman about age 30 is relaxing on an American beach with her two children. A group of young people is sitting next to them. All of them more or less age 16-17. They’re enjoying a successful beach vacation. They’re laughing, talking and listening to music.

But that isn’t what catches the woman’s attention. The mother of two is carefully observing one of the girls. She came to some conclusions and wrote a letter on Facebook that is directed to the hearts of 150,000 people worldwide. You should take the time to read it, because it’s very inspiring and informative!


To the girl in the green bikini:

I’m the woman who was sitting next to you on the beach. The woman with a small boy and girl.

First, I want to say that being next to you was a pleasure. I remember that brief moment when our smiles met and the air was filled with pleasant music and the sound of our voices.

And you know what? I’m fascinated, because I remember what it was like when I was a teenager. I changed from a girl like you into a mother of two. I no longer go to the beach with friends, but with my children.


But that isn’t my reason for writing this letter. I’m writing you because you’ve been noticed. You didn’t see me, but I was watching you.

I noticed how you hide in front of your friends and the way you take off your shirt, making sure that no one is watching.

I noticed how you sat down on a beach towel, covering your belly and shoulders.

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