A young waitress takes off her shoes and shows her feet which are covered in blood. What she heard from her boss is outrageous!

When Nicola Gavin from Edmonton (Canada) saw her friend’s feet, she got goose bumps. The friend told her how she was treated by her boss, who was completely unmoved by the view of her feet covered in blood.

Nicola was outraged by what she heard and posted the bloody picture on Facebook with a description of the situation. She also mentioned the name of the restaurant, which treats people inhumanly. Let’s hope that customers will stop visiting it!


To anyone I know who eats at Joey Restaurants (Jasper Ave, Edmonton location specifically).
Their policy is still that female staff wear heels unless medically restricted, my friends feet were bleeding to the point she lost a toe nail and she was still discouraged and berated by the shift manager for changing into flats (specifically told that heels would be required on her next shift the following day).

In addition, the female staff have to purchase a uniform/dress at the cost of 30$ while male staff can dress themselves in black clothing from their own closets (and are not required to wear heels). Sexist, archaic requirements and totally disgusting policy.

I have many friends in the service industry and know loads of ladies who still earn great tips without having to sacrifice their comfort while serving. I’ll choose to continue supporting those establishments.

Update may 5th, 2016 – Joey’s also has unpaid training shifts which is illegal under the Alberta Labour Laws (signed waiver or not). Seedy shit!

It is unfortunate that only a few people write about such situations. If the rest followed in their footsteps, perhaps the exploitation of workers would be much less common.  



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