Abandoned amusement park “Land of Oz” will take you to another world

In recent decades, thousands of films have been created. Some of them have passed unnoticed among the public, while others have had worldwide success and have been forever etched into the history of cinema, taking on the rank of a classic. One such movie is “The Wizard of Oz”, being shown since 1939.

This famous film was based on the novel by L. Frank Baum, published in 1900. His story is about the adventures of Dorothy Gale, who together with her dog Toto travels inside a tornado to Oz, located on the other side of the rainbow. In order to return home safely, she tries to find the great Wizard in the Emerald City, the capital of Oz.


The adventures of Dorothy and her friends the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, whom she met in the mysterious land, have been watched by millions of viewers from around the world. As a result, there were many prequels and sequels to the movie, but none have come close to the original. The screen adaptation of the novel also became the inspiration to create a theme park dedicated to the Land of Oz. This project was carried out in Beech Mountain, North Carolina (USA).

In the 1939 film, the role of Dorothy is played by Judy Garland.

The “Land of Oz” theme park was opened in 1970 and was initially a great success. Unfortunately, after a few years, the number of people visiting this type of venue generally declined, and the fact that park attractions weren’t ever brought up to modern-day standards meant that interest in it drastically declined. In 1980, the park went bankrupt and was closed. Today it’s privately owned and is open to visitors for only one weekend per year.

The mysterious land is a tempting place to visit.

Today, the “Land of Oz” theme park is a place ruled by nature. Plants have made their way onto the pathways, moss covers the remains of old buildings, roots have covered the stairs, and everything is wrapped in a layer of thick fog. Admittedly, this has to be one of the most magical abandoned places in the world, which is exactly what photographer Johnny Joo saw and then photographed to show the world its unique charm.

A distinctive yellow pathway.

The castle is still impressive, although it’s visible that time has done its part.

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