When an adopted African orphan learned to speak English, she said something that frightened her new guardians. They immediately sent her back to Uganda!

The adoption of poor African children has recently become fashionable.

All thanks to the stars that launched this magnanimous trend. It started with Angelina Jolie, who adopted her Ethiopian son, Zachary. Madonna also followed in her footsteps. The pop queen first adopted a Malawi boy and later two 4-year-old twins: Esther and Stella, also from Malawi.

Jessica and Adam Davis are a happy couple living in Ohio. They have four wonderful children, but one day they dreamed that their family would grow. Jessica had no intention of going through another pregnancy. They wanted to adopt an orphan and give her a fantastic new home. They contacted the EAC adoption agency. Shortly thereafter they were informed that a little girl from Uganda was ready for adoption.

They said that her father died, and her mother had seriously neglected her. The baby needs immediate caregivers, otherwise it would end badly. In April 2015, the couple arrived in Uganda to meet a 5-year-old girl named Mata. The black sweetheart immediately won their hearts and they decided they wanted to take her to the United States. They were very disturbed by her sad fate and wanted her life to finally change.

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