Advertising versus reality. Junk food shown without commercial tricks

The first advert was created many centuries ago, when the first man began to tout products and prove that they are better than these on the neighbor’s stand. Currently, there are entire droves of people, who care about every detail and invent more new tricks of how to sell us something we do not need, working at commercial campaigns. For example, the sound of closing BMW’s door was tweaked by 36 engineers.

Art editors and a whole team of other specialists are working at making food look perfect in advertised pictures. Guided by the principle that the eyes eat first, they show food in beautiful colors, full and juicy. How is it in reality… you just have to see.

burger małe

1. Cookies, supposedly filled with fruit, chuck-full.


2. Greek sandwich, you will be surprised.


3. Fries, who among us has not fallen prey to the disappointment of their size.


4. Chicken McNuggets, have you tried them? Unfortunately, I did.