After 19 years together, he discovered his wife’s secret. The divorce was an only option

Due to development in technology, aesthetic medicine has change a lot since its beginnings.

Today, every part of the body can be operated. Plastic surgeries range from basic change of the shape of nose or ears to much more complicated procedures. Altering your body is not always a good idea and a man, who discovered his wife’s terrible secret, realized it after being married for 19 years. Jan, a 64 years old Belgian was happily married to 48 years old Indonesian, Monica.


They got married in 1993. Before they could do it, they had to go through a difficult battle to legalize Monica’s stay in Belgium, as the court questioned her identity. Jan says:

I brought her to Belgium but it wasn’t easy. Belgian courts had serious doubts concerning the authenticity of her birth certificate and her ID but eventually they accepted the documents. She was an attractive, charming woman.

But one day the married couple had to face an unexpected crisis. Read about what happened to them on the next page.