After 30 years, she decided to renovate the ruined house she had inherited. The result astonished her neighbors

A woman from Idaho inherited a house from her grandmother who died 30 years ago.

The building hasn’t been renovated since then, so the passing time has left its mark on the property. As it was left unattended and neglected, there wasn’t much hope to save it. The granddaughter however decided to face the challenge and renovate the place she felt emotionally connected with. She succeeded in 100% and the metamorphosis is wonderful. The farm was built in 1970 in Boise, Idaho.


It was left on its own for a long period of time and it cost a lot of effort to rejuvenate it. A lot of patience was also necessary to go through all the crises that accompanied the construction works and to achieve the planned results. The house is not a very big one, only 700 ft2 (65m2), and there is only one bedroom there but the renovation was a big challenge anyway. There are a few pictures which present the first stage of the work.

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