After 32 hours of surgery, doctors fell asleep on the floor because of exhaustion. It’s impossible to keep silent about what is seen here

This photo was taken in a hospital in the southern Chinese province of Fujian in China. It shows two exhausted surgeons, who had just completed an operation lasting 32 hours.

It began at 8:30 A.M. on Saturday and ended at sunset the next day.

The patient had an aneurysm and tumor of the brain stem. We had to remove both of the health risks during one operation. It was a difficult and risky task. If we had made a mistake, it could have meant fatal consequences for the patient – said surgeon Chen Zyanpin.

A relative of the patient, Bakin Khan, seeing that the surgery was lasting so long, began to worry about whether everything is in order and whether the doctors have the strength to continue working.


Fortunately everything was successful, and the brave doctors became true heroes. They fell exhausted onto the hospital floor, and someone from the staff took their picture, which quickly spread on social networking sites.

I’m not the only person who did everything in their power for the good of the patient. There are many surgeons in the world like me, it’s just that nobody speaks about them – Chen added modestly.