After almost 40 years, a woman who suffered burns in her childhood finds the nurse with whom she had a picture taken. During the meeting, she didn’t expect to hear anything like this!

Nurses are the heart of a hospital – a sentence that’s repeated by many patients and hard to disagree with. They’re the ones closest to the patient, the ones who care about them and help them recover. Without their commitment and work many people would have probably not returned to good health.

Fortunately, Amanda Scarpinati, who at the age of three months fell from her crib into a boiling steam inhaler, was lucky to be attended by an extremely caring nurse. While in the hospital, she had a picture taken with the young nurse who took such great care of her. When Amanda grew up, she tried to find her hospital caretaker, which she managed to do after many years, at the age of 38.


Since her earliest years, Amanda has been living in the small town of Athens, 25 miles away from Albany, New York. When she was still a baby (1977) she had a serious accident and suffered deep burns. She was treated then at Albana Medical Center, where she underwent surgery. After the procedure, a young 21-year-old nurse cared for her. As fate had it, a photo was taken of them together, in which the caring and supporting nature of the nurse is visible.

It’s noticeable that the young nurse in the picture is very devoted to her patients.

The photograph, taken by Carl Howard, was published in a medical journal, and Amanda’s parents kept a copy of the magazine, which was an important reminder to the girl who suffered burns of her stay in the hospital. As Amanda recalls, looking at the picture, which shows the care given to her, helped her survive the difficult times when rejected by her environment of peers, which wasn’t accepting because of her burns that caused deformation to her body.

The childhood burns cast a dark light on Amanda’s entire life, but her memory of the caring nurse has given the girl strength.

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