After eating a popular meal, his body was infested with worms. When doctors saw this picture, they were in complete shock!

If you’re a fan of sushi, you have to read this, because this was the exact meal in which tapeworm eggs were found, eggs which found their way into the stomach of a young man. The x-ray gives you goose bumps!

Sushi is a very popular Japanese dish. It’s not only regarded as a delicacy by Asians, but also by people from around the world. The superb taste of sushi meant that it found fans from every part of the globe. It turns out, however, that the raw fish meat may contain one of the worst human parasites – tapeworms.


It started innocently. Several hours after eating the food, a stomachache, headache and an annoying itch developed. The man went to a doctor, who took an x-ray of him. It clearly shows hundreds of small parasites!


If the infection is the result of ingesting the eggs, they circulate through the body, transforming afterwards into larvae. Young larvae grow rapidly and begin to feed on the food which a person eats. If they reach the brain, they can lead to death.


Tapeworm eggs can also be found in raw or undercooked pig or boar meat, as well as in contaminated vegetables. Therefore, remember to always wash them thoroughly!