After giving birth, her belly continued to grow. When the truth came out, the doctors didn’t have the courage to look her in the eye!

Julia Selina from St. Petersburg was expecting her second child. The 34-year-old thought that she would give birth naturally, but some complications developed and doctors decided to perform a caesarean section. The woman trusted the professionals and agreed, without a moment of hesitation. She didn’t yet know that this decision could cost her her life.

Soon her baby boy came into the world. He was healthy and full of energy, but Julia didn’t feel well. Her condition worsened by the hour.


My stomach began to swell. It was bigger than any woman who is 9 months pregnant. Each movement caused unbearable pain. I couldn’t sit down and cried out in pain. At first, I thought it was normal, after such a procedure.

The doctors explained to her that such discomfort is normal and didn’t take her complaints seriously.


The young mother began to feel worse. She got terrible cramps and a high fever. She realized that her health is in danger and there is seeking help at the same hospital is useless. She decided to consult with other doctors. They made a terrible discovery. In the patient’s belly, they found a large backlog of fluids and a strange object.


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