After giving birth, a mother threw her newborn in the trash. When I found out who adopted it, I was moved to tears…

8 years ago a homeless man from China was looking for some bottles to sell in the trash. Suddenly he heard an unsettling sound coming for one of the bins. He saw that laying on top of the rubbish was a newborn child with a card attached: “She was born on October 15th 2007”. Xiong didn’t hesitate and took the child home. He knew that there are many overcrowded orphanages in China, where a girl won’t find any love or care.

A few months later, the man was left by his wife, and his modest home was demolished. He went to live with the small child under a bridge in Nanchang. Despite the difficulties brought by fate, he decided not to give her away and raise her as his own child.





  1. Esther Massouda
  2. Shannon
  3. Pat
  4. barbara worthington