After leaving the courtroom, the husband sent his ex-wife flowers and a short note. Its contents led their daughter to tears

Marriages do not always have a happy ending. More and more often they end up in divorce!

Throughout all the years, people change, problems begin to arise, and relationships become routine. It is no longer as beautiful as it was in beginning. Spouses distances themselves from each other and do not talk about what is going on. The lack of communication worsens the problems and creates a wall between partners. If no party dares to break it, they will decide to split.

After divorce, in most cases, spouses can’t stand each other, although just a few years ago they swore great and boundless love to the grave. They fight with each other, and the dirty conflict involves children who are unwilling to stand in the center of the dispute. Only a few are able to part with class. They are able to communicate about what happened and do not blame each other for the dissolution of the relationship.

A teenager from Texas decided to describe on social media how their parents’ divorce looked. Go to the next page and learn more.