After Reading These Long Unexplained Stories You Will Not Be Able To Sleep! Prepare Yourself For A Shock!

There are many mysterious puzzles, which were not explained till today. Some of them are scary, others amaze and shock. But what all have in common is that nobody cannot interpret them.

1.Aluminium artefact

In 1974, some men found a small mysterious object in the shape of a wedge, and the remains of Mastodon. They were discovered by workers who were digging a ditch along the river Mures, Romania. The artifact was mostly covered with aluminium. The analysis also showed the presence of copper, zinc, cadmium, and other elements. This is surprising, because the aluminium was discovered in 1808!

The mysterious object was therefore made long before the invention of the ore smelting process.

Many people believe that this is the evidence of the presence of extraterrestrials! Are they right? Let us hope that further studies will finally settle this issue!


2. Babushka Lady

This woman was standing the closest to John F. Kennedy’s limousine when he got a fatal shot! The event took place in 1963. A mysterious woman appeared several times in the movies, and pictures, taken on the day of the assassination.

She was wearing a brown coat and a scarf. In her hand she held the camera that probably filmed the whole thing. Unfortunately, she and her recorded material were never found.