After reading this, you will never use antibacterial gel anymore

Sale rates of antibacterial washing gels are going through the roof. From the cheapest to the most expensive, they all promise to clean your hand without the need of using water or soap. It would seem that their use is the perfect solution but apart from their effectiveness there are a couple of consequences one should take into account when buying such products.

There are also opinions that it is good to use such gels on children to make them free of bacteria but no one takes into account just how much alcohol is in these kinds of products. If there is less than 60% of alcohol, their effectiveness is close to zero, that said these products are just dangerous for children.


Some antibacterial gels do not contain alcohol but triclosan – an antifungal ingredient added to soaps and cleaning aids. It has side effects such as quick blood absorbability through skin which can cause cancer, allergies, muscle weakness or nerve system disabilities.

Also ingredients used in other preparations can’t be good for our health, although most manufacturers that they do contain moisturizers. But if used for a longer time, they can cause skin irritation because the compounds used to remove bacteria have a big influence on mucosa cells. Allergy symptoms also get stronger.


Many available antibacterial gels also contain so-called phthalates. Research has showed that women, who have had contact with these substances have very low fertility or give birth to children with health consequences.

It is also worth realizing, that these products don’t really guarantee your hands to be as clean as we think they will be because in reality they don’t eliminate that many viruses.