After squeezing the juice out of this fruit, wash your hands! You do not want to end up like this woman!

It is known that homemade juice provides the most nutrients. It is very healthy and contains no sweeteners and preservatives. Very often we squeeze it from citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit.

We not only use just these two types of citrus fruits repeatedly. Using lemons and limes for example, you can prepare some delicious lemonade, which will quench your thirst and provide valuable vitamins. Both fruits are also ideal for drinks and desserts, but did you know that there is a risk of skin irritation due to squeezing them?

Morgan Moore recently experienced this firsthand. She was making a barbecue in her garden and wanted to prepare beverages for her friends. She squeezed some fresh lime juice, mixed it in with the beverages and went outside to deliver them to the guests. Even though she washed her hands, there was still a lot of juice on her skin. When confronted with the sun’s rays, it caused third-degree burns!